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Worlds / Platforms

Terms, Conditions, Privacy


avameet is a service of:


Silvio Remus

Friedrichsgracht 57

10178 Berlin



Detailed company information and contact information may be found in the site notice (“Imprint”) .


The original General Terms and Conditions (Allgemeine Geschaeftsbedingungen, "AGB") were written in German.  In translated versions, inconsistencies or other descriptions may possibly occur, which is due to specific spelling rules, grammar and modes of expression of other language families.

In such case, the German AGB is always decisive.


The company Silvio Remus/ avameet and the platform operated by the company are referred to in the following General Terms and Conditions as "avameet".

Registered users on the platform shall in the following General Terms and Conditions be referred to as a "User" or "Member".

Individual services of the platform shall in the following General Terms and Conditions be referred to as an "Application" or "Service".


Provided that you are a user in accordance with statutory provisions, you may in writing revoke the consent to these General Terms and Conditions and the thereby concluded contract of use within 4 weeks.


You may submit your revocation directly online at avameet, by e-Mail to account@avameet.com, or by mail to the following address:

Silvio Remus


Friedrichsgracht 57

10178 Berlin



The timely dispatch of your revocation will suffice to preserve the time-limitation.  If the revocation is timely declared, you are not bound either to the contract of use or to your declaration of consent to these General Terms and Conditions.


You may retrieve the protection of data privacy declaration and information as to how your data may be processed and used on avameet here .


Status August 2011



A. General Terms and Conditions for the use of avameet.

1. General provisions about these General Terms and Conditions:

1.1 The use of all web pages, software, media and Internet services which are operated by avameet and which are accessible over the various Internet domains or further programs and portals is regulated in the following General Terms and Conditions.

These General Terms and Conditions regulate the relationship between the company operating the avameet platforms and the registered Users which use these platforms. Similarly, they apply for all aspects of the Users within the platforms among each other.

avameet may be used exclusively over a computer or any other technical device with which Internet access is possible.

However, no aspects are regulated in these General Terms and Conditions which are connected with these devices or the software required to access avameet (Internet browsers, operating systems), in that avameet does not provide these services.

1.2 avameet reserves the right to make available certain services and applications only for certain User groups and Users.

For further applications and services, additional conditions may be required, which, however, it will be possible to clearly and explicitly note in advance.

2. About the platform, User groups, provision of services and offers.

2.1 avameet offers a platform on the Internet over which Users of virtual worlds, 3D on-line games and Web3D applications may come into contact with other Users.

Users may find these via various services and applications integrated in avameet, but also with the help of search functions based on suitable skills, interests and requests.

2.2  Additionally, besides applications of communication and presentation of content and media, avameet offers an integrated trade platform (hereinafter, "Marketplace") with various offer formats for virtual (digital) goods, virtual currencies and services.

The User's participation in this trade platform is possible without additional registration.


2.2.1 Via the Marketplace Users are able to publicize offers and requests.

These may be publicized by the User with information, media, price statements, special notes regarding usage and links to follow. Other Users may access and acquire these offers.

In this connection avameet offers technical solutions for presentation, delivery and marketing of these digital goods and services.

avameet also offers the technical prerequisites to categorize offers or to make them available in sorted form with further search filters.


2.2.2 avameet does not offer goods and services for a fee on its own account over the Marketplace. Contracts which are formed over the avameet Marketplace will  be exclusively concluded between Users. This may take place either directly with a purchase or download on avameet, or via further electronic communication paths in the Internet (for example, in the respective virtual world/ or online game).

Payments shall be made according to the payment terms and instructions of the offeror.

avameet is also not responsible for the processing and fulfillment of these contracts, and is not liable in this regard.


2.2.3 Price quotations in the avameet Marketplace are generally stated in the form of virtual currencies from the respective virtual worlds. The daily conversion rates in currencies such as EUR, US$, Yen, etc. may be found in the respective exchange information of the operators of these virtual currencies. Acquisition of these virtual currencies directly from avameet does not take place.


2.2.4 If the delivery of virtual/ digital goods takes place directly over avameet, the offeror shall be informed of the User name of the purchaser and may subsequently access the transaction history in his account.

A claim for disclosure of further purchaser data on the part of the seller principally  does not exist.


2.2.5 If a credit balance must be deposited on avameet in the form of virtual currencies for the conclusion of a contract, this shall occur via a third party service provider. These may be service providers for payment services or operators of virtual worlds.

In this case the General Terms and Conditions of the respective operator apply.

The technical interface of the avameet Marketplace only inquires with these services as to whether sufficient credit for a direct purchase is available. This may also mean in individual cases that a credit balance must be paid into an account in a virtual world for acquiring something in the avameet Marketplace.

Earnings which an offeror generates in such a case over the avameet Marketplace may be paid out at any time over this account.

A currency transaction as defined by the banking industry shall not at any time be conducted by avameet.


2.2.6 Users may place want ads in the avameet Marketplace for services or products.

Other Users may make offers for these want ads directly to this User and contact him for promotional offers.


2.2.7 The User who publicizes an offer hereby warrants by the acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions that he has all of the rights of exploitation, copyright, trademark rights and rights of use for the respective virtual/ digital good or service.

In addition, he warrants that he will continually maintain information which will enable the purchaser to make contact with the seller.


2.2.8 All offers and advertisements remain permanently disseminated, may however be deactivated by the offeror at any time.


2.2.9 In the event of problems, complaints and breaches of contract between the purchasers and the offerors due to a contract or offer received and mediated via avameet, both sides are obligated to seek mutual agreement before legal steps are initiated in which avameet could become involved.

avameet may in such a case nevertheless be contacted and if appropriate, step in as an intermediary.

A right to this, however, does not exist. avameet will however always make efforts to prevent or avert negative incidents and developments in the Marketplace.


2.3 For all aspects and contents of the platforms, avameet only offers the technical possibilities, the access and the software for the availability. The communication and the trade shall occur amongst the Users.


2.4 avameet Users are not obligated to communicate and act under their real names on the platforms. Apart from reasons of the philosophy and the goal of these platforms, the disclosure of personal information also does not offer any legal guarantee for other Users and for us as the operator - inasmuch as this does not occur via a recognized and explicit authentication system, which we are not legally obligated to implement for the purpose of operating this service.


2.5 avameet wishes to continually further develop and expand these platforms. Adaptation and updating is not always required for these changes and further developments. For informing the User, for example, a notice at the time of the next log in may occur.

avameet reserves the right to temporarily block or limit the use of individual offers and services. This may be the case if capacity limitations are reached, maintenance work is carried out on the servers or security-relevant modifications must be undertaken.


2.6 On avameet it is possible for Users to post commentaries and evaluations on contents but also on offers of other Users. avameet does not of its own accord monitor the truthfulness of these evaluations and commentaries. With your consent to these General Terms and Conditions you hereby obligate yourself in such cases to exclusively make truthful and applicable statements.


2.7 Details about the offers and services of avameet are listed in avameet Guide.



3. Costs


3.1 All of the offers and services operated by avameet may be used without incurring costs. Costs incurred by the User to access avameet services (access over the Internet and mobile services, etc.) are excluded from the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions and avameet is not the contracting partner for this.



4. Registration


4.1 To register yourself on avameet, you must be at least 16 years of age. Participation by younger Users is currently prohibited. To be allowed to conclude business transactions over avameet, you must be legally competent or have consent to conclude business transactions.

When you register, you may not use the identities of others (no matter if these are real or pseudonyms, etc.), trade names and the names of artists to which you do not have any rights, or racist, discriminatory or pornographic designations.

In avameet routine monitoring of accounts is set up which filters out such terms and which automatically blocks or deletes the corresponding accounts.


4.2 At registration, a name (however only for internal use by avameet), a User name, a valid e-mail address and a password must be provided. The User name is the only required information which is publicly accessible after registration is completed. You may later define in your privacy settings how and to what extent your profile should be publicly retrievable.

All further information is voluntary, but should be voluntarily supplemented for more effective use of the avameet platform for you and other Users.


4.3 Subsequent to registration, you will receive an e-mail at the e-mail address specified at registration. The registration must be confirmed over a link included in the e-mail to successfully complete the registration.

With the User name and password chosen by you, you may then log into avameet.


4.4 Users of the platform www.slinside.com(.de) are automatically registered in the User database of avameet and may log in to avameet with the SLinside User name and password.

Only after a first log in and the acknowledgment of these General Terms and Conditions is a user contract formed.


4.5 In addition avameet allows Users of external services (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Linkedin and many more) to register by clicking on avameet with the ID which is valid on those sites.


4.6 The contract for the use of avameet is only concluded subsequent to one of the registration typesunder items 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5.

The user contract is concluded for an indefinite duration, insofar as no other terms are defined in individual avameet services.

If a registration process is incompletely carried out, the information from this process will be removed from our database shortly thereafter.

Please note that there is no right to the conclusion of a contract of use.

avameet may reject a registration without providing the reasons. In such case, all of the User's information will be immediately deleted.


4.7 The creation of several accounts on avameet is permitted insofar as no misuse of avameet services is undertaken (e.g. manipulation of evaluations for offers), or deception of other avameet Users (e.g. manipulation of forum topics).


4.8 The User is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of his password and not to communicate the password to third parties.

avameet employees and officials will never ask you for your password. Therefore every request for your User information which is disguised as a request on the part of avameet is absolutely to be ignored and reported to avameet.

Should you suspect or know that your avameet access information has become accessible to third parties or that your avameet account has been misused, you are obligated to inform us of this immediately.

This serves to protect you but also other avameet Users.

As a User, you are basically liable for all activities which are connected to your User account. Should this occur due to a misuse as previously mentioned and you are able to demonstrate that you have not violated your duty of care, then liability is of course excluded.



5. Grant of copyright rights of exploitation.


5.1 Recommending and exchanging the content of other Users on the Internet ranks among the most important and common methods / processes in the social web.

This takes place over buttons which are shown with "share", "bookmark" or special icons/ graphics of social web services and are integrated throughout avameet.

You hereby grant to avameet and also all other Users the rights unlimited in time and scope to your public content which you publish on avameet, to recommend, store and publish these contents on avameet itself and over external web services (e.g. RSS feeds, feed aggregators).

avameet will also publicize your public content in search engines, virtual worlds and other web services via automation and use the content for its own marketing.

In addition, information which you publish on avameet may also be used by other Users for their own commercial interests.

This of course applies only for content which you have set via your privacy settings to the status of "public".

All other content is also not publicly accessible, or only for the User groups on avameet selected by you.


5.2 Should there nevertheless be an instance of content becoming public which was not intended for the general public, the respective User which disseminated this content is thus the point of contact for clarification and not avameet.


5.3 In addition, you hereby grant your permission to avameet to categorize and process content in the event that presentations lead to technical problems and disadvantages in usage for other avameet Members.

For example, this can be the case for clearly inapplicable descriptions and titles of offers or for the inclusion of external media in a forum post which involve a long time to upload.


5.4 avameet shall not use your content to sell to third parties and also not pass on your personal information to for example, transmit to advertising partners.



6. Permissibility of content


6.1 Deemed to be "Content" are all texts, photos, videos, Marketplace offers & -requests, scripts / codes, links to follow to external web pages, User, event and group names.

For the trouble-free, safe and for all Users pleasant operation of the avameet platforms, the following principles are to be observed in publishing or disseminating Content in and over avameet:


- No Content for which you do not have the legal copyrights or trademark rights of use,

- No Content likely to corrupt the young and pornographic Content (in accordance with the German Juvenile Protection Act (Jugendschutzgesetz): http://bundesrecht.juris.de/juschg/)

- No Content relevant to criminal law (e.g. racist comments or inciting others to commit crimes),

- No discriminatory, insulting or defamatory Content,

- No violation of the data protection rights of others

- No extreme depictions of violence (e.g. photos / videos of accidents, torture scenes, theaters of war and its effects / consequences of physical violence),

- No disclosure and exchange of passwords as well as serial numbers of every kind,

- No instruction for hacking and illegal activities on the Internet,

- No Content and files which lead to damage and unauthorized access to the computers of others (e.g. viruses, trojans or links to same); and

- You shall only publish offers for goods and services which you are also able to transmit to or perform vis à vis the purchaser subsequent to the contract conclusion in the time promised;

- You shall not publish or advertise offers with hidden price information;

- No fraudulent and illegal network marketing and business models;

- No offers which do not have a reference to or do not have a connection to the topic of virtual worlds in the Internet, Web3D applications or on-line games;

- You shall not undertake attempts to obtain the registration information from User accounts of other avameet Users or attempt to access other avameet accounts; and

- You shall not undertake any acts or attempt to undertake any acts which impair avameet's operations or purposely overload avameet.


Moreover, community guidelines apply for the communication and interaction on avameet to which every User must adhere.



7. Consequences for violations of the conditions of use.


7.1 These General Terms and Conditions are obligatory for the User if he wants to participate in avameet and are essential for the functioning of these platforms.

avameet shall therefore, for violations of these General Terms and Conditions, in particular of the regulations in paragraph 6.1, impose sanctions against a User.

These will however only be imposed in the event that avameet determines that the violations were undertaken intentionally, repeatedly or purposefully to damage the platforms, avameet and its Users.


7.2 avameet reserves the right to remove without notice Content which is to be evaluated according to the prohibited Content set out in paragraph 6.1.

This may occur, for example, if a third party notifies avameet about questionable Content or violations.


7.3 avameet shall impose sanctions in the following order against a User, should intentional violations of these General Terms and Conditions occur:


a. admonishment of the User

b. warning the User

c. temporarily blocking the User's account over 4 weeks including blocking his Marketplace offers & requests

d. permanently blocking the User's account including the deletion of his Content and information (forum posts remain available).


7.4 avameet shall communicate an explanation about the type of violation for every sanction/ measure.


7.5 A permanent block and deletion of the User account shall be deemed to be an extraordinary termination of the contract of use in that a continuation of the contractual relationship for avameet is unreasonable.

In the event that such a case occurs, the User is also prohibited from using avameet under other registration information.

This is of course also prohibited in the event that a temporary block of the account is imposed.



8. Responsibility for User Content and limitations on liability.


8.1 The Users are entirely responsible for the Content which the Users publish on avameet. The User is obligated to assess whether these Contents are in accordance with law, do not violate the rights of third parties or do not violate applicable statutes.

avameet is not liable for these Contents on its own account.  These Contents also do not represent an opinion from or consultation by avameet.

avameet does not appropriate these Contents. In particular avameet does not guarantee that these Contents, data and information are true, fulfill a purpose or serve a particular purpose.


8.2 avameet does not evaluate and monitor User Content prior to publication and this is not obligatory according to statutory provisions.

Should Users or readers of avameet notice Contents which contain questionable Contents according to paragraph 6.1 or which violate their rights, this may be reported at any time.

For this purpose there are functions within avameet for directly reporting violations or a contact form which is accessible from every page.

Reported Contents shall be immediately evaluated and deactivated or deleted by avameet.


8.3 avameet is only responsible towards third parties for User Content if avameet demonstrably knew thereof, demonstrably acted with gross negligence or if a substantive contractual obligation/ material obligation was violated.

For this claim, however, it must have been technically possible and reasonable for avameet to prevent the incident.


8.4 The User shall indemnify avameet for all claims of third parties which such parties are able to assert towards avameet due to violations of their rights by Content which the User published on avameet.

The User is hereby obligated vis à vis avameet for demands asserted by third parties to immediately, truthfully and completely communicate all information and data available to the User which are necessary to evaluate the claims and for the defense.

Should the claims of the third parties be founded, the User is obligated to compensate for the damages.

This also applies to the costs of litigation as well as court costs and attorney fees up to the amount allowed pursuant to statute.

Claims for damages on the part of avameet vis à vis the User which exceed this are hereby unaffected.

In addition the regulations and obligations named herein do not apply if the User demonstrably did not commit the relevant violation of rights (such as by account misuse which he did not negligently commit).


8.5 avameet is unable to determine with technical means whether the User is actually providing truthful information about himself or is the person who he claims to be.

Therefore avameet is not able and shall not provide any guarantee concerning the true identity of a User.

The Users shall among themselves convince each other of the actual identity of other Users, in case this should be required.


8.6. avameet expressly distances itself from the contents of all web pages which are linked from avameet and does not assume any liability therefor. The respective providers of these web pages are themselves responsible for the contents.


8.7 Should the delivery of virtual/ digital goods not occur over servers directly operated by avameet (for example, for direct connection of the avameet Marketplace to a virtual world operated by a third party provider), no guarantee is undertaken for complete or correct delivery, in that avameet does not have any influence over these service providers.

This limitation of liability does not apply to technical problems on the part of avameet web pages and scripts.


8.8 Rights of use and licensing terms of offers are to be taken from the descriptions and instructions of the respective provider. avameet does not assume any responsibility for compliance by the Users therewith or for their legal validity.


8.9 The herein named limitations on liability and claims for indemnity also apply to all companies, employees, representatives and shareholders connected with avameet.



9. Guarantees and liability.


9.1 avameet is only liable for damages which are based on an intentional or grossly negligent violation of contract as well as for damages which occur due to contract violations due to ordinary negligence. For a claim for compensation of damages vis à vis avameet, the amount is limited to damages which are foreseeable or typical for the contract.

Liability on the part of avameet for damages to health, life and limb as well as under the Product Liability Act are unaffected hereby.


9.2 For the loss of recorded data and information, avameet is only liable for damages which would have occurred with regular data backup.


9.3 Even though avameet makes every effort to maintain the availability and stability of the avameet web pages and services, 100% availability cannot be guaranteed.

Capacity problems, expansion of the platforms, updating software and hardware, interruptions in communication networks, loss of power and many others, may be reasons for loss of service and inaccessibility.


9.4 avameet does not offer any guarantees which could be defined and interpreted as guarantees in the legal sense. Should such a guarantee be made in the individual case, then only in writing and such guarantees are excluded from all limitations on liability.



10. Termination


10.1 The cancellation of an avameet User account may be carried out by the User himself without providing the reasons and without complying with notice periods.

For this the User must simply choose the function "Delete Account" in his profile settings.

A cancellation may also be effectuated via e-mail. For this the User must send a simple written termination notice from the e-mail address with which the User is registered on avameet to account@avameet.com .


10.2 Subsequent to termination of the User account, all personal information of the User will be deleted. In addition, all Content such as profile information, commentaries, photos, videos, blogs and Marketplace content will be deleted. Some Content, such as for example forum posts, will continue to exist with the notation that the User has in the meantime been deleted.



11. Reservation of the right to make modifications.


11.1 avameet reserves the right to modify at any time provisions of these General Terms and Conditions without providing the reasons and observing the following regulations and requirements.

For modifications, expansion of functionality and services in avameet, avameet will only note the change no later than 4 weeks prior to its becoming effective via e-mail, at the next log in of the User or via the blog, even if these changes possibly make modifications of these General Terms and Conditions necessary.

If the User does not object to the modifications of the new General Terms and Conditions within 4 weeks, the modified provisions shall be deemed to be accepted.

avameet will always clearly note the importance of this time-limit.


11.2 For modifications of the provisions as to performance, services and costs according to Section 2 of these General Terms and Conditions, the provision in item 11.1 is excluded.

This howeveronly affects modifications for which it is not reasonable for the User to continue to use avameet as usual (if, for example, costs are incurred).


11.3 For modifications of these General Terms and Conditions which require a renewed consent to allow the contractual relationship to continue to be carried on, the notification shall occur no later than 4 weeks prior to the modifications becoming effective per e-mail or at the next log in of the User onto avameet.

Users may object to these modifications within 4 weeks of their announcement. If continued use of avameet occurs subsequent to the objection, the objection is ineffective.

If the modifications are not consented to by the User, the contractual relationship is deemed to be terminated.



12. Closing provisions, venue and applicable law.


12.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the User may deliver all declarations to avameet per e-mail or over the corresponding contact forms on avameet. avameet shall transmit declarations towards the User to the e-mail address provided by the User.


12.2 Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be invalid or modified, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected thereby.


12.3 The place of performance is Berlin / Germany.


12.4 The venue for merchants within the meaning of the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch, "HGB") is Berlin / Germany.


12.5 German law applies excluding private international law and the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods as taken over by German law.

Community Guidelines

B. Community Richtlinien

Für den Spaß, Erfolg der jeweiligen Nutzeraktivitäten und den Mehrwert einer sozialen Community wie avameet sind vor allem Respekt, Toleranz und Ehrlichkeit wichtig.
Die nachfolgenden Community Richtlinien gelten für alle Dienste und Bereiche von avameet.
Um avameet zu nutzen musst Du diesen Richtlinien zustimmen.

1. Seid nett zueinander

Hinter jedem Nutzer einer Web-Plattform, egal ob reale oder virtuelle Identität, sitzt ein echter Mensch mit echten Gefühlen, Bedürfnissen, Erfahrungen und Wünschen. Dies sollte in der Kommunikation untereinander immer beachtet werden.
Hab Geduld mit neuen Nutzern. Erwarte nicht die gleichen Denk- und Handlungsweisen von anderen wie Du sie hast.
Beleidigungen und Intoleranz werden seitens des avameet Community-Supports umgehend und entschlossen geahndet.
Dass Belästigungen, Beleidigungen und Trolling verboten sind, ist sicherlich eine Selbstverständlichkeit.

2. Inhalte veröffentlichen auf avameet

2.1 Arten der Inhalte dieser Plattform und richtige Bereiche auswählen

avameet ist deine zentrale Plattform für alle Aktivitäten, Projekte, Geschäfte und Hobbies in und um Virtuelle Welten, MMOG's und das Web3D.
Von daher möchten wir Dich bitten bevorzugt Inhalte dieser Themen auf avameet zu veröffentlichen.
Bereiche wie Events, Videos, Marktplatz, Gruppen, Wiki oder Blogs sind ganz klar nur für Inhalte dieser oben genannten Themenbereiche ausgelegt. Sämtliche Offtopic Themen werden hier seitens des avameet Community-Supports ohne Angabe von Gründe gelöscht.
Wir sind uns aber sicher dass man auch ganz alltägliche Dinge sehr kreativ und originell in der virtuellen Welt thematisieren kann und dann ist es wiederum sehr Willkommen diese Inhalte auf avameet zu veröffentlichen.
Natürlich verbietet Euch niemand in Eurem Profil über Dinge die außerhalb von virtuellen Welten geschehen zu kommunizieren. Auch in den avameet Foren gibt es speziell dafür ausgewiesene Bereiche.

2.1 Treffende Überschriften und Titel
Wenn die Überschrift das Anliegens aussagekräftig ist, ist eine passende Reaktion wahrscheinlicher. Außerdem finden später Besucher mit dem gleichen Anliegen das Thema schneller. Bitte achte bei der Überschrift auf eine verständliche Rechtschreibung und Grammatik. Nur Großschrift stört die Übersichtlichkeit und wird üblicherweise als Schreien interpretiert.  Auch Sonderzeichen machen das Lesen und Finden schwierig und Inhalte wirken dadurch eher unseriös.

2.2 Feedback geben
Feedback und Meinungen sind sehr wichtig in Plattformen wie avameet.
Frage ruhig jederzeit wenn etwas nicht klar ist. Ein "Danke hat geholfen" freut Deinen Helfer und signalisiert später den Lesern, dass die Antwort gut war.
Und wenn du selbst eine Lösung gefunden hast, darfst Du andere Nutzer auch daran teilhaben lassen.
Wenn Du etwas gut findest, empfehle es ruhig anderen weiter. Dies kannst Du direkt in avameet machen, oder auch per Klick über weitere Social Web Services wie Facebook, Twitter, Google, Plurk, MySpace, MSN, AOL, uvm. .

3. Werbung in avameet

In avameet hast Du viele Möglichkeiten Werbung für Deine Produkte, Deine Projekte, oder Deine Dienstleistungen zu machen. Dies kannst Du ganz normal im Marktplatz machen, aber auch über soziale Web-Tools wie Blogs, Gruppen, oder das Forum.
Versuche aber Werbung nicht wie Werbespam wirken zu lassen. Das ist nicht nur nervig für anderen Nutzer, sondern auch unwahrscheinlich uneffektiv. Versuche lieber Fans und Anhänger Deiner Marke / Deiner Projekte zu mobilisieren und diese zu idealen Werbebotschafter zu machen, indem Sie z.B. zu Deinen Angeboten und Projekten Feedback, bzw. Bewertungen hinterlassen.
Halte Themen und Updates zu Deinen Produkte, Dienstleistungen und Projekten aktuell, reagiere transparent und ehrlich, gegebenfalls auch selbstkritisch auf Feedback.
Ist dies der Fall, werden die Grundmechanismen einer solchen sozialen Handelsplattform für den Erfolg eines jeden Teilnehmers greifen.

3.1 Handel mit virtuellen Währungen
Es ist derzeit nicht erlaubt auf avameet Diensten mit virtuellen Währungen zu handeln, sofern der Anbieter kein Gewerbetreibender im Sinne der jeweiligen Gesetzeslage im Land des Unternehmenssitzes ist.

3.2 Spendenaufrufe
Spendenaufrufe sind auf avameet nur erlaubt, wenn hinter diesem Aufruf eine seriöse und reale Organisation steht, bzw. nachvollziehbar wird, welche Person im Nachhinein die Spenden im Sinne des Spendenzwecks weiterleitet.

4. Nennung von Details und Namen bei Problemen mit anderen Nutzern

Bei geschäftlichen und privaten Komplikationen, insbesondere bei Konflikten (kein Geld bekommen, keine Ware erhalten, Partnerin mit bestem Kumpel beim Fremd gehen erwischt), sollte auf eine explizite Nennung des Namens (inkl. verbaler Entgleisungen) verzichtet werden. Dies beinhaltet natürlich auch jede Veröffentlichung von von Chatlogs, Voice-Aufzeichnungen und privaten Nachrichtenverkehr, sofern nicht alle Kommunikationsteilnehmer damit einverstanden sind.
Auch wenn Euch sowas geschehen ist, bedenkt bitte immer, dass weder wir als avameet Community-Support, noch andere Nutzer über die Hintergründe bescheidwissen, bzw. es erst einmal eine Art Gerücht ist, welches wir nicht nachvollziehen können.
Es ist bei solchen Vorkommnissen immer zu empfehlen sich mit dem jeweiligen Kontrahenten persönlich auseinander zu setzen. Eine Veröffentlichung bewirkt meist das Gegenteil und sorgt für nachhaltige negative Auswirkungen.
Auch private Kommunikation auf avameet selbst ist vertraulich zu behandeln und darf nicht veröffentlicht werden.
Sollte es durch Angebote anderer Nutzer, oder Probleme mit anderen Nutzern auf avameet zu Problemen kommt, kannst Du Dich selbstverständlich auch gerne an den avameet Community-Support wenden.


C. Data protection statement and the use of your data.


The collection, use and processing of personal information by avameet is determined by the data protection provisions applicable in Germany and the following data protection instructions for the use of avameet.

We provide information in the following concerning the type, extent and purposes of the collection and use of personal data. You may retrieve this information at any time on our web page.


avameet is primarily based on the publication of data and Content by Users and the exchange of the Users' data between themselves. The User himself determines what he will publish on avameet or which information he publishes about himself.

In addition, avameet offers extensive technical possibilities for certain functions and areas which make it possible for the User to himself define the visibility of his Content for other Users.

As a User you must be aware that your public information is capable of being seen and copied by other Users.

In addition, you should be aware that public information is also retrievable over external services such as search engines or social networks for other Internet users.

Furthermore you must be aware that your information may be further used by other Users of the avameet web page, also for things which do not necessarily comply with the terms and conditions of the avameet General Terms and Conditions or data protection statement, in that avameet does not have any influence over this if we are not referred to such uses or if the misuse of the data takes place on external services on the Internet.



1. General information concerning data processing.


1.1 Data transfer and recording for internal system and statistical purposes:

Your Internet browser automatically transfers data to our web server when accessing our web page for technical reasons.  This data involves among others, the date and time of the access, the URL of the referring web page, file retrieved, amount of data transmitted, browser type and version, operating system and your IP address.

This data is separately stored from other data which you have provided in the context of using our offerings.

It is not possible to assign this data to a particular person.

This data will be analyzed for statistical purposes and then subsequently deleted.


1.2 User data:

To the extent that a contractual relationship between you and us should be established, developed as to content or modified, we collect and use personal data from you insofar as this is required for these purposes.

avameet will not transmit your personal information for advertising or marketing purposes to third parties.

We may in the individual case furnish particulars about this data (user data) by order of competent authorities, to the extent this is required for the purposes of criminal prosecution, to avert danger, to comply with the statutory functions of the Federal Constitution Agency, the Military Counterintelligence Service or to enforce rights to intellectual property.


1.3 Usage data:

We collect and use some of your personal information to the extent required to enable your utilization of our Internet offerings.  Included in this is in particular your identification characteristics and information as to the start and end as well as the scope of use of our offering.

avameet will not transmit your personal information for advertising or marketing purposes to third parties.

You have the right to object to this use of your information. We may not join the usage profile with the data about the holder of the pseudonym.

We may in the individual case furnish particulars about this data (user data) by order of competent authorities, to the extent this is required for the purposes of criminal prosecution, to avert danger, to comply with the statutory functions of the Federal Constitution Agency, the Military Counterintelligence Service or to enforce rights to intellectual property.


1.4 Cookies:

To expand the range of functions of our Internet offerings and to make the use for you more convenient, we use so-called "cookies". With the help of these "cookies", data may be saved to your computer during access of our web page.  It is possible for you to prevent the saving of cookies on your computer by means of the appropriate settings in the browser. However, the functionality of our offerings could be limited by this.


1.5 Right to information:


As a User of our Internet offerings you have the right to request information about the data stored about you or about your pseudonym. At your request, the information may also be communicated electronically.



2. Details concerning data processing in the individual services of avameet.


2.1 Data in the social network.


2.1.1 Information in the registration process:

The following personal information will be requested and processed at registration:

- name

- User name

- e-Mail address

- password

- questions regarding which virtual worlds you are active in

- information about what your main purpose in using avameet is.


Your name, your e-mail address and your password are not visible for other Users on avameet.

The User name, your information as to which virtual worlds you are active in, as well as the information as to your main purpose in using avameet are publicly retrievable, searchable and visible.

This profile information is however not obligatory data and may be configured by you after activation of the account over the privacy settings in their visibility vis à vis others.


You have the following possibilities in these settings:

- profile data publicly visible (e.g. also for search engines)

- profile data only visible for avameet Members

- profile data only visible for your own contacts.


2.1.2 Profile data:

You may supplement your avameet profile at any time with additional information as to your activities, interests, skills and requests.

This information is all voluntary and may be removed by you again at any time.

Additionally you may undertake adjustments of your profile visibility towards other avameet Users.


You have the following possibilities in these settings:

- profile data publicly visible (e.g. also for search engines)

- profile data only visible for avameet Members

- profile data only visible for your own contacts.


As a matter of routine, your profile is only visible for registered avameet Users at set up or after registration.


2.1.3 Contacts & chat:

On avameet you may add other Users to your contact network to be able to stay connected on a sustained basis, to call your activities to their attention or to become aware of their activities faster.

Contacts are publicly visible for other Users. You may, however, change this visibility in your privacy settings.


You have the following possibilities in these settings:

- own contacts publicly visible (e.g. also for search engines)

- own contacts only visible for avameet Members

- own contacts only visible for one's own contacts

- own contacts only visible to you.


avameet sends you a notification via e-mail for new contact requests. You may deactivate these notifications in your privacy settings.


In addition your contacts may also be reached and viewed in User chat.


In User chat, every User may undertake the following settings:

- on-line status visible for contacts

- on-line status invisible for contacts


2.1.4 Activity stream:

In every User profile on avameet an activity stream is displayed which chronologically shows your activities and also the activities of your contacts.

These activities may be commented upon and evaluated by other Users and are then in turn visible in their activity streams for their contacts.

You may adjust the visibility of this activity stream in your privacy settings in that you determine who may see your profile. This setting also determines whether your activities are displayed in the activity stream of your contacts.


You have the following possibilities in these settings:

- profile data (including  activity stream) publicly visible (e.g. also for search engines)

- profile data (including  activity stream) only visible for avameet Members

- profile data (including  activity stream) only visible for one's own contacts.


Please consider that all activities which you have previously set to "public" or "only visible for avameet Members", also remain visible for others in their prior status after a change of your settings to "only visible for contacts" and "only visible for me".


avameet sends you a notification via e-mail for new commentaries in your activity stream. You may deactivate these notifications in your privacy settings.


2.1.5 Private messages:

avameet Users have the option of writing you a private message. This may occur from everywhere in avameet where you have published something or in that you have set your profile so that it is retrievable for other Users.  You may specify the latter over your privacy settings.

You may define whether all avameet Members may send private messages in that you set your profile information to "visible for all avameet Members" or if only your contacts may send you private messages in that you set your profile to "only visible for own contacts".


avameet sends you a notification via e-mail for private messages. You may deactivate these notifications in your privacy settings.


2.1.6 Photos & videos:

As a User you may upload photos to avameet and organize them into albums.

You may adjust the visibility for the photos with respect to other Users in your privacy settings.


You have the following possibilities in these settings:

- photos & albums are publicly visible (e.g. also for search engines)

- photos & albums are only visible for avameet Members

- photos & albums are only visible for one's own contacts

- photos & alums are only visible for you.


In addition there is the option on avameet to link to videos from external video-hosting platforms. These videos are always publicly visible in the corresponding categories.


2.1.7 Events:

You have the option on avameet to publicize events. Other Users may register for these events or you may invite them.

You basically have the option to determine in the event settings whether the event, including all information, is public (thus, e.g. retrievable for search engines) or private.

For a private event, other avameet Users may only be invited by you or must first be activated after applying for registration.

You may also specify whether other event participants in turn may invite their contacts to the event.

Event creators may make other participants event administrators and give them all rights to administer Content and Users.

Event information may be exported by participants via iCal and also printed out.

In addition event creators may send information to registered participants.

This information will be sent by avameet automatically via e-mail.

You may deactivate these notifications in your privacy settings.


2.1.8 Groups:

You have the option on avameet to publicize groups.

Groups have the most varied functions by which you and the group Members may publish and exchange Content. This may be, for example, forum posts, photos or videos.

Registered avameet Users may join groups or you may invite them to your group.

You basically have the option to determine in the group settings whether the group, including all information, is public (thus, e.g. retrievable for search engines) or private.

For a private group, other avameet Users may only be invited by you or must first be activated after applying for registration.

Group creators may make other participants group administrators and give them all rights to administer Content and Users.

In addition you have a variety of settings to automatically receive notifications if, for example, queries as to group admission occur or the Content of another User is published in your group.

You may deactivate these notifications in your privacy settings.


2.1.9 Applications:

You may add applications to your profile and use them there directly.

The types of applications on avameet are diverse. Should it be necessary due to an application that data from your avameet account is requested and processed, you will be informed about this prior to activation of this application.

In addition there are some applications which send you a notification via e-mail as soon as another User has interacted with the application. You may deactivate these notifications in your privacy settings.


2.2 Data in forums

Everything that you write in the avameet forums is publicly retrievable, also for non-registered visitors of avameet and for search engines.

You may, however, when writing a forum entry mark the Content so that this forum content is only retrievable for registered avameet Members.


2.3 Data in the User blogs:

You may as a registered avameet User publish your own blogs. These Contents are always public and may be found over search engines and other Internet services.

Other Users may leave commentaries on your entries and may subscribe to your entries via the RSS function.


2.4 Data in the Marketplace:

All offers, requests, commentaries and evaluations which you publish in the avameet Marketplace are also visible for non-registered visitors of avameet and may also be found over search engines and external web services.

Additionally, your offers and requests will be listed in your profile and in your and your contacts' activity streams.

The visibility for other Users here is determined by your privacy settings in your profile settings.


Should you open a shop in the avameet Marketplace, you may furnish particulars as to your company or about you as an offeror, or provide contact information to build additional trust vis à vis avameet Marketplace Users.

In addition you have an overview in the Marketplace over all the sales and transactions which you have generated over the avameet Marketplace.

These are only visible for you and for avameet Community Support.


You may favorite offers or search queries to then call them up again later. These saved references are only visible for you.

In addition you have the option of placing interesting offers into your Wish-list.

Your Wish-list activities will be listed in your profile and in your and your contacts' activity streams.

The visibility for other Users here is determined by your privacy settings in your profile settings.


2.5 Data in Wiki:

Everything that you write in the avameet Wiki is publicly retrievable, also for non-registered visitors of avameet, search engines and other web services.

Content in avameet Wiki is subject to the Creative Commons. You may find details as to how these Contents are further utilized or processed here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.en


2.6 Searches in avameet


2.6.1 Searches for Users (Avatar search):

It is possible for registered avameet Users to search for and find you over your User name. Whether or not your profile may be called up depends on your privacy settings.


2.6.2 Searches for profile contents (expanded Avatar search):

It is possible for registered avameet Users to search for and find your profile information unless you have limited the visibility of these Contents to only your contacts.


2.6.3 Searches for Contents of the social network (events, groups, videos, blogs):

It is also possible for non-registered visitors of avameet as well as search engines and external web services to find your events, groups, videos and blogs.

Whether or not your event or a group may be called up depends on your privacy settings for these.


2.6.4 Forum searches:

All forum contents may be called up by non-registered visitors of avameet as well as by search engines and external web services. Only Content which you have when writing marked to "only for registered avameet Members", are capable of being found and called up by them exclusively.


2.6.5 Marketplace searches:

All Content which is uploaded into the Marketplace may be found and retrieved by the public.


2.7 Automatic publishing of Content by avameet:

Content from public sectors (forums, blogs, Marketplace, events, Wiki) may be automatically called up over RSS feeds and published over external web services.



3. Information regarding data processing of third party services over avameet.


3.1 Recommendations and bookmarking over AddThis:

avameet uses AddThis services for the functions of recommending or sharing (over various external web services or per e-mail), saving and printing Contents, scripts and applications.

AddThis (www.addthis.com) is a service of the company Clearspring Technologies, Inc., 8000 Westpark Drive, Suite 625 McLean, VA 22102, USA.

By using the AddThis service, a cookie is set and your Internet browser builds a connection to AddThis and to the services you have selected (where you wish to share Content).

The data thus retrieved (e.g. at the time of AddThis use, link of the page which you wish to recommend, browser language) is transmitted to Clearspring Technologies, Inc., 8000 Westpark Drive, Suite 625 McLean, VA 22102, USA and transmitted to the service you have chosen and processed there.

You may find details as to how AddThis processes data, and options for setting the service: http://www.addthis.com/privacy

Please find the data protection guidelines where you recommend, share or store avameet Content in the guidelines of this provider.

avameet does not of its own accord transmit data and information about this function to third parties.

You consent to the declaration of consent to data processing by AddThis by using AddThis.

Automatic data processing by AddThis, in that you use the avameet service, does not take place.


3.2 User chat over SookaChat:

To enable avameet Users to chat with each other, avameet uses on its pages the chat service SookaChat from Slashes & Dots Sdn Bhd, No 1-7, Signature Office, The Boulevard Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

By the User calling up the chat function, avameet transmits the User name and the information regarding the User's contacts to SookaChat.

You consent to the declaration of consent to data processing by SookaChat by using chat on avameet.

In that other Users with whom you are in contact may inquire via SookaChat whether you are on-line on avameet, you may block this information by setting your status in chat to off-line. In this case, there is no data transfer to SookaChat.


3.3 Account synchronizations:

For some services avameet enables the link of avameet accounts with the accounts in virtual worlds to enable communication, the retrieval of information or the transfer of virtual goods.

These synchronizations/ links do not happen automatically, but rather must be manually activated by you.  Prior to every activation of such a synchronization/ link, which data will be transmitted and how the data will be used will be specifically called to your attention.  This is also the case if avameet makes use of the services of third parties for such functions.


3.4 Alignment of User activities with external social networks:

avameet makes it possible for you to synchronize your avameet account with accounts of other social networks and web services. Should you activate this function, all of your activities, your User name and also profile information in your account, as applicable, will be transferred into the selected external service.

In this case the guidelines on data processing of the external provider are applicable. This function must be manually activated by you and is not an automatic component of avameet service.


3.5 Invitations over social networks:

avameet allows you to invite your contacts from other social networks, virtual worlds or via e-mail to avameet.

In this case the recipient receives a message with your User name and your e-mail address in the form of an automated e-mail from avameet.



4. Revocation


As you may recognize in the details regarding the processing of your data, avameet requires little information from you to allow your use of the platform.

You may object to this data protection statement and the use and processing of your personal information by avameet at any time.

You may send an objection per e-mail to account@avameet.com, or to: Silvio Remus / avameet, Friedrichsgracht 57, 10178 Berlin, Germany.

This privacy statement was written in several parts under the using of the following source: Anwalt Arbeitsrecht Hamburg

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