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Virtual World News (general)

‘The future of web gaming’ – Talk by Colt McAnlis

Colt McAnlis’ (guy, blog) very interesting take on the future of web gaming. He addresses the existing possibilities of HTML5 and JavaScript areas and stretches out to native client code ‘NaCL’ and even multi-device development. About 40 minutes, and very worth the time!...

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Top 40 grids break 25000 regions - Hypergrid Business


Top 40 grids break 25000 regions

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Art show spans six grids - Hypergrid Business

Art show spans six grids - Hypergrid Business
Hypergrid Business

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A peaceful retreat: New waterfall area in my Jibe world

I spent some time today putting together a new waterfall area in my Jibe world. It’s full of ambient sounds and dynamic shadows.  A very peaceful place. You can visit it by going to my Jibe world and clicking on …...

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Minecraft de facto standard of virtual worlds?

Yesterday Linden Lab announced the upcoming launch of their new online platform ‘Patterns‘.  I may have written this too often lately in my post but here I go again: ‘does this look familiar?’ According to New World Note‘s Wagner James Au, Notch approves. To me this is the prove that even Linden Lab feels that [...]...

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