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Second Life News (general)

[RESOLVED] Brief PayPal Maintenance Tonight

[Resolved 11:42pm PDT, 13 September 2012] Paypal Maintenance has been completed. [Posted 10:42pm PDT, 13 September 2012] PayPal will be unavailable for about 10 minutes starting tonight at 11:00pm PDT. As always, if the scope or the schedule of the work changes, we’ll update you here. PayPal transactions may decline during this time-frame so please refrain [...]...

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Linden Lab shuts down viewing of Second Life bug reports

Okay, I’m a bit taken by surprise on this one, but let’s quickly take this from the top. Firstly, Linden Lab has added a simplified reporting form for Second Life JIRA issues. That part is pretty okay (and some might say that it is many years overdue) being that it is the sort of bug-reporting [...]...

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Free for All: Xulu Universe is more than Second Life-lite

Filed under: Betas , Sci-fi , Screenshots , Game mechanics , Interviews , New titles , Previews , Second Life , Free-to-play , Races , Casual , Virtual worlds , Free for All , Miscellaneous , Sandbox , Crafting

Xulu Universe screenshot
Xulu Universe is a new world built with far-reaching horizons. In reality, those horizons are within reach for anyone who wants to take the time to travel. If you see it, you can go to it. Xulu Universe is also a world of endless building opportunities as in Second Life ,...

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Ready for Some Fast Action Fun? Compete Against Friends in Your Sleek Interactive Dune Buggy, Second Life’s New Premium-Only Gift.

For a limited time, take advantage of 50% off Premium membership.

A new Premium gift   is now available! Go Premium today and jump behind the wheel of your Premium-only interactive dune buggy for some fast action fun. Pop wheelies and take on obstacles as you dodge sand dunes and put the pedal to the metal with your buggy’s NOS boost system. 

Start your engines and compete against friends in Racer’s Gulch, a Premium-only slick racing zone.
The dune buggy is available to Premium Residents only. To access the exclusive...

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Iran blocks Guild Wars, World of Warcraft

Filed under: World of Warcraft , Dofus , Entropia Universe , Guild Wars , MMO industry , Second Life , RuneScape , Guild Wars 2 , Legal , Miscellaneous

Iran blocks Guild Wars, World of Warcraft
Reports are coming in that Iran is moving to block access to several MMOs, including World of Warcraft and Guild Wars . This comes following a conference by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance earlier this month. At the conference, the Islamic Revolution Game Designers Community was formed and decided to ban games that promote superstition, mythology, violence, and revealing...

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