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Second Life News (general)

Who Killed SLCC? Linden Lab and the Second Life User Community, Suggests Post by Former Director

This is an absolute must-read post by Chris "Fleep Tuque" Collins, formerly a director at the organization which ran the Second Life Community Convention, the user-run conference that was cancelled this year for vague reasons. As I suggested yesterday, it......

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Second Life age-verification “tweaked”

One year and one week ago, Second Life’s age-verification was changed to asking you your date-of-birth. This week, there’s been a tiny tweak. It only asks you once, instead of twice. Technically, it isn’t “age-verification” anymore, either, and that terminology seems to be on the way out. Read more ......

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Marketplace Maintenance

[Posted 3:19pm PDT, 10 July 2012] There is maintenance going on with our marketplace, that will cause residents to have to relog into the viewer before they see their orders in the received items folder.  The updates will be completed by the end of the day tomorrow, at which time deliveries should appear as normal....

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Neal Stephenson on What He Learned from Funding His Game Kickstarter CLANG! (at the Last Possible Moment)

Neal Stephenson's swordfighting game on Kickstarter reached its funding goal last weekend at the very last possible moment, heaving over the $500,000 finish line with less than 36 hours to go. I had worried that it wouldn't even reach that......

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[Resolved] Unscheduled Maintenance

[Resolved 1:44pm PDT, 10 July 2012]  Maintenance has been completed. [Posted 12:25pm PDT, 10 July 2012] We are currently undergoing unscheduled maintenance to our systems. This may prevent some residents from logging in (or cause them to be logged out), or may affect other inworld services. In the meantime, please [...]...

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