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Second Life News (general)

Linden Lab preps four releases for November

Filed under: New titles , Second Life , Browser , Mobile , Miscellaneous

Linden Lab preps four games for November
The boys and girls of Linden Lab are expanding their operation. Rapidly expanding, as it turns out. The Second Life studio announced that it has not one, not two, not three, but four titles scheduled for release in November .

We've already heard about the first, which is the Minecraft -wannabe Patterns , but the others are just now being revealed. The second is the iPad-only (for now) Creatorverse , which allows users to draw shapes, have...

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[Resolved] Case Submission Maintenance

[Resolved 10:23pm PDT, 15 September 2012] Maintenance on the case submission system has been completed. [Posted 9:15pm PDT, 15 September 2012] We will be performing maintenance on the case submission system on Saturday, 15 September 2012 from 9:00PM PDT to 10:00PM PDT. During this time,  case submission may become unavailable. Please check this blog [...]...

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What Second Life Creator Linden Lab Could Learn from Eve Online Creator CCP. And the Vietnam War. And Jesus.

Online community academic John Carter McKnight has a very interesting post comparing the corporate strategy of Second Life creator Linden Lab and Eve Online creator CCP. Both worlds are profitable with a relatively niche userbase in the mid six figures,......

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Strawberry Singh Says: Stop Misusing the SL Marketplace Review System (Seriously)

Strawberry Singh has an excellent rant about people who abuse the SL Marketplace review system, giving poor ratings to SL vendors for things that aren't their fault (and often, Linden Lab's instead). Like the one star review at left, which......

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Some Assembly Required: Creating content for cash

Filed under: Aion , EverQuest , EverQuest II , Business models , Game mechanics , MMO industry , Opinion , Second Life , All Points Bulletin , Miscellaneous , Some Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required: Creating content for cash
Housing. Mission generators. Player-run festivals. Music. Overall general sandboxy goodness. Since its debut over a year ago, Some Assembly Required has covered a number of topics related to player-generated content as well as the games that offer such features. However, recent events have turned my attention toward a different aspect of PGC.

Between the Dota 2 incident and ...

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