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Daily Viz from Visual Loop – 23/07/2012

Starting this second week dedicated to the Olympics, several infographics about the impact of technology in this year’s Games, courtesy of Social Media Delivered, the International Olympic Committee, FreshEgg, Hotel Cheap and iProspects. (...)...

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Daily Viz from Visual Loop – 20/07/2012

Closing this first week of visualizations about the Olympics, that we’ll be continuing next Monday, a look at the ticket prizes, from Channel4 and The Missing Graph. (...)...

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Daily Viz from Visual Loop – 19/07/2012

Visualising.org featured several data visualizations about the Olympics, many of which offering interesting perspectives about the impact of the games. (...)...

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Draft: Natural Resource Extraction and the Roman Bazaar: An Agent Based Exploratory Lab

What follows is a draft of an article I’ve submitted to a journal. If two blind reviews are good, more must be better, right? Keep in mind this could get rejected or substantially altered from its final version. *** This paper outlines how agent-based modeling can be used as a laboratory for exploring aspects of [...]...

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Daily Viz from Visual Loop – 18/07/2012

Continuing our selection of information graphics and interactives about the Olympics, we’ll take a look at the impact on Tourism, with a help from My Destination, Confused and Caterer. (...)...

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